Supply chain risk in the Car Rental industry

Two points make for a pattern eh?

The car rental is unable to rent me a cargo van, apparently all their vans are over at the dealer.  GM recalled ’em and the parts aren’t available.  This is a bad time of year for their cargo vans to be out of commission.

This has happened before, sort of.  A while back the car rental in Chicago couldn’t rent me the car I wanted.  A batch of flawed gasoline had damaged the engine.

It makes you wonder how much of the risk in the car rental industry is supply chain related.

I wonder if the rental companies band together to negotiate with the suppliers for compensation.  It would be fun to know how effective they are.

Individuals are presumably lousy at this, but I wonder if the internet has enabled individuals to better form clubs to take collective action in such negotiations.  I’d assume existing conventions about class action make that a bit more complex than it would seem.

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