I’ve been playing with Parenscript and Websockets.  I’ve made a small useful thing.  Plot-window can be used to plot data from your Common Lisp repl.  It displays the plot into a web page; you leave this web page up as you work, the plot function revises the web page on demand.

Here’s a little screen cast. That shows how to clone it from github, load it up, start a little embedded webserver, open the display page in the browser, and then finally we make a makes a few plots from the REPL.

The actual charts are rendered by Flot, one of many Javascript charting libraries.  So you can actually make many many different kinds of charts.  (FYI Liam Healy has a posting about a more traditional approach to Lisp charting.)

Finally, this short video is a preview of how this might be extended to use a web browser as a generalized display for your lisp process, in this case a Parenscript form is evaluated in emacs which builds and animates a page (using D3JS and SVG).

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