Novare Res

Portland Maine is very lucky, they have an amazing bar!  Affordable too!IMAG0432Portland’s harbor is protected by a number of extremely cute little islands.  These can be reached by ferry.  Some of them have little newspapers full of articles about the residents.  For example I read an article once about the man who brings the interlibrary loan books.

It was in one of these I first read about this bar.  It seems that they have a room where you can store your chalice, but first you must earn your chalice.  The article told the story of a resident who had recently obtained that right.  Each day for near on a year he had left work and before heading on down to the ferry and home he had stopped in at the bar to ordering another kind of beer until he had ticked off a sufficiently long list.

That seemed like a worthy achievement and a very romantic lifestyle.

I had a Jandrain-Jandrenouille IV Saison, lucky me!


3 thoughts on “Novare Res

  1. nick

    I’d recommend trying it — it’s a sour beer, made from aged & fresh Lambic. “Sour” means a bit acetic, and AFAICT, the crazy Belgians are deliberately letting it go part way to vinegar. They have it at Berman’s, in the Secret Craft Beer Room in back.

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