More widgets in plot-window.

Here’s another video showing a bit more progress on my hack that allows you to use a browser as a place to display output from your Common Lisp REPL.  I’ve been playing with various javascript widgets.  Here the demo routine shows:

  1. Using JQuery to animate the color of a small rectangle.
  2. A rich WYSIWYG text editor.  This one’s called nicedit.   There are dozens of these.
  3. Mapping via mapstraction, which provides a provider independent mapping widget, in this case I’m using open street maps as a provider.
  4. A tool that does syntax highlighting, i.e. it displays source code with pretty colors.

The initial plot is unchanged from my earlier posting.  You might want to watch this full screen…

Getting these to work isn’t terribly hard, but it’s slightly harder than I’d expected since most of them don’t expect to be loaded dynamically as I’m doing here.

The code running in this demo is in the dev branch over at github, but there is an odd bug I haven’t tracked down yet. Pretty soon I’ll need to change the name 🙂

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