How to Eliminating the Boys

Some time ago I was greatly amused by this fine example the  pervasive power of the patriarchy.  Not that it’s surprising; the patriarchy rules!  In that example we discovered that the forces which be have conspired to plant only male trees.  Male trees are good for the economy.  They increase in sales … of allergy meds.

But, there are always contrarians.  So some wags have suggested that we should plant only female trees.  The cover story for why we plant all these allergy generators is that the female trees produce fruit and seeds; better known as litter.  The wags suggest this problem can be resolved if we don’t plant any males.

Of course that doesn’t work since we already have a large installed base of male trees, desperately seeking females.

It occurs to me that a city could pass a regulation to force the planting of female trees, and if they limited those to a species of tree who’s males are not currently infesting the city … well this might work.  Obviously it’s time to short the drug companies.

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