The library of congress has an wonderful collection of photographs taken at sardine packing plants.  Thus I came to learn the word cartoner.  Which was once a person, but is now a machine.      Today comes news that the last such cannery in the US is shutting down, along with a few pictures.  This all resonates against a conversation my wife and I had yesterday about how maybe none of the high tech companies that were in Boston when we moved here in the late 70s still exist.

4 thoughts on “Sardine

  1. Kimbo M

    Just like “computer”, once a job, now a machine.

    Analog Devices ( has survived, proving that analog electronics is harder than digital.

  2. bhyde Post author

    Analog Devices, yes indeed. 🙂

    Maybe not harder – persay. Just more heterogenous and so less susceptible to platform/network-effect roll up.

    Not that I would know.

  3. Andrew Pegram

    Before computer – a Typewriter was “the thing written on was a typewriting machine and the typewriter was the person operating it.”

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