Canceling Boingo, again.

When traveling I sign up for Boingo’s wireless access, which later I then cancel.

This time I called but they didn’t actually cancel the service so I had to call again when the monthly charge appeared on the credit card.  They could see my first cancelation call in their records, and where  appropriately  apologetic etc.  Though they didn’t do anything to compensate for the mistake, they did reverse the charge.

Like most such services they try very hard to make it difficult to find the phone number to cancel.  So I’ll post it here, so I can find it next time:  tel:+1-800-880-4117;  as can others.  The trick to finding it on their site is to search for terms and conditions, and then look for 800 in the fine print.

4 thoughts on “Canceling Boingo, again.

  1. Lauren Sanyal

    I’m sorry you experienced difficulty canceling your account.

    For future reference, we actually list the number at the top of our FAQs on, so that our customers can easily access it. We’re happy to help, so if you have any questions, please let us know!

    Lauren Sanyal

  2. bhyde Post author

    Thank for chiming in Lauren. Good to know your trying.

    But. Google for “ cancel” or “ cancel faq” and note that there is no link to the FAQ on the home page. Of course I can’t log in anymore so I’ll take your word that the info is a few clicks away in the account pages. I didn’t find it before, or other times.

  3. Lauren Sanyal

    You’re welcome!

    Sorry to hear that you had difficulty locating our FAQs page. If you navigate to and hover your cursor over “Customer Support”, you’ll see a link to our FAQs page.

    We’re always working to continue to improve our site, and I appreciate your feedback! I’ll forward it to our Web team.

    Please let me know if there’s anything more I can do to help.


    Lauren Sanyal

  4. bhyde Post author

    Lauren – Your welcome.

    Any yes, you can do something more. Please strive to assure that when a customer searches in google (or their fav. search engine) for how to cancel their boingo account they get useful links into your site rather than pages of people complaining about how they can’t figure it out.

    For example if you hover and select FAQ you do get the phone number, but no hint that’s your only option for canceling.

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