Income Inequality

Some nice illustration of income inequality pulled together at Visualizing Economics.  For example this shows a fine grain map of US income inequality.  Oh I’d love to see a video of that over time!


Or this scatter plot nations showing the height of inequality v.s. their per-capital GDP.  The US, an outlier, is highlighted.


Lots of thought provoking stuff over there, for example this fine grain map what real estate is productive.  I wish this was GDP/capital.


The original sources can be found in the postings I pulled these from; though sadly many of the links are broken.

1 thought on “Income Inequality

  1. Roger

    Hmm – only 48 of the 50 states that make up the “United States” (nor are the territories shown) – so the title of the Map is wrong. Surely for showing data such as this it is appropriate to do so correctly.

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