Tagging, a look at a long tail.

I’m still enjoying using the del.icio.us tagging as a sample in the space of power-law things to look at more closely.

Let’s look at the long tail of one entry. Typically it’s hard to get a actual long tail onto a page. These are all the tags for http://scholar.google.com/ (see here). 623 unique tags.

I’ve sorted the list into alphabetical order give all tags, particularly those from the long tail, a more equal standing. You can draw your own conclusions; bearing in mind that one sample isn’t much.

!!!!, !research, #geeks, *education, *service, -unread, .en, .imported, 01r, 0_o, 1_research, a.big.fat.one, academe, academia, academic, academic_paper_search, academic_search, academico, academicresearch, academics, academy, aimee, amazing, anthropology, application, apps, article, articles, artigos, bib, bibliography, blog, blog-it, blog/research, blogmarks, boek, bookmarks, books, bored, busca, busca-web, business, care.in.tum.de, ccte, citation, citation*, citations, cite, college, computer, cool, cornell/wmc, corp:google, cs, daily, databanken, database, dev, digitallibraries, diku, dissertation, doc, documentation, e-library, e_reference, edi, edu, educacao, education, educational, eg1413, ego, encyclopedia, engine, engines, enma, escola, especializada, excathedra, excellent, facts, free, from/furl, geek, general, google, google-tools, googlescholar, googletags, handy, highered, history, ia, indexing, info, information, information_retrieval, informationretrieval, infoscience, inspiration, intellectual, interesting, internet, inthenews, ir, journal, journals, km, knowledge, lab, learn, learning, library, lilly, linklog, links, literary, literatur, literature, litterature, lookup, minutia, misc, moteurs.recherche, nachschlagen, neatokeen, nerdy, neuroscience, news, nitrogen, omfg, online-tools, open-access, opiskelu, paper, paper*, papers, papers.searchengine, papersearch, pc.tools, pesquisa, physics, popular, portal, publications, pubmed, pubs, readlater, recherche, ref, referance, reference, reference_tools, referenceandsearch, repositories, reseach, research, research-paper, research-tools, research/school, researchtools, resource, resources, review, rrrr, rsh, scholar, scholarly, scholarly_publications, scholarlycommunication, scholarship, school, science, sciencepaper, seach, search, search+engines, search-engine, search-engines, search.engine, search.engines, search.paper, search_engines, search_tool, searcheengine, searchengine, searchenginer, searchengines, searches, searching, searching.googletools, searching_and_saving, seo, services, services.internet, students, study, studyguide-and-strategy, stunning, suchen, suchmaschinen, sustaturako, system:unfiled, tech, technologies, technology, techy, temp, the-literature, theory, todo, tool, tool(s), tools, toread, tufts, undervisning, uni, university, url, usabilidad/buscadores, useful, util, utilities, utility, uva, via/ip, web, web-tools, web:tech, web_applications, web_search, webbyscience, weblog, webservice, webservices, webtools, whitepaper, whitepapers, work, working, wow, ws, zoekmachine

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