small vendors

I pushed the button on the microwave this morning and there was no breakfast in there. Breakfast was in the toaster. I feel the microwave let me down. Or possibly I’ve gotten the means confused with the end, or maybe it’s the distribution channel with the good’s distributed.

I love eBay or Google because of what they help me find. It’s easy to get confused about that. It’s not that they made those wonderful things and surely they deserve only the slightest credit for the pleasure I get from the things I find. While it’s not fair to blame this morning’s microwave for failing me it maybe fair to blame the intermediaries for similar failings.

I get a certain pleasure when I find a new rich appliance in the net that can feed me tasty things so look at some things I found recently and see if you can see the trick. Here you can buy 8-12 frogs legs. Here you can buy some sausages. You can get a thousand kinds of stamps over here. Need supplies for your revenge fantasies? Or maybe your ears are cold?

We need better ways to search, maybe the microwave wasn’t empty.

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