I didn’t get a job once. Have I told this story? They had me in for the interview. But I think that was just because they wanted to tell me the bad news. My letter wasn’t folded correctly. There is, it appears, a correct way to fold and insert a letter into an envelope. The CEO told me this right at the beginning of my interview.

Later, a different job. It was my first day on the job and I cheerfully informed this company’s CEO that I was dyslexic. The look on his face would have frightened others. I’d seen it before so I shrugged it off. People seem to get over it. The next day they instituted a three writing sample requirement on all new hires.

I was terribly amused by a scene in the movie Lemony Snicket. One of the good characters is deeply committed to the value of good grammar. When the vile count forces her to pen her own suicide note she leaves a coded message in the text. Each letter of the coded message marked off with a spelling or grammatical error. Of course the evil person, like myself, would be blind to these.

I’m aware that this handicap drives some people absolutely crazy. Good news. In the best traditions of leveraging the contributions of the many I have now added a way you can scratch that itch. Below each entry there is now a “Typo” button. Hit it and you can send me your corrections! Talent Scrapping

Update: Two fixes so far on this one. Thanks!

1 thought on “Typo!

  1. Dave Pawson

    Wow. I like that. beutifully simple. No insult, allows the spelling freaks to have their say, and improves output (hopefully). Should be a mandatory part of any web page,
    never mind blogs! And if I offer incorrect corrections….. Usual who checks the checkers?


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