Keeping Things Positive

Our stove has been a disappointment. We bought it when we remodeled the kitchen. We had the repair guy in at least five times during the warranty period. I have disassembled the entire thing at four times. The grills don’t fit. Few of the exposed plastic bits remain unbroken. One of the bits of plastic in the control panel broke so you couldn’t turn off the oven. That control panel captures spills and then stains. etc. etc.

So I wrote a review at epinions. In the days after I wrote the review nice members of the epinion’s community rated my review as “somewhat helpful.” My reaction was ‘what!’ I write a review that should save people a thousand dollars and these folks think I should have included more information about the stoves dimensions and features!

Actually, I recognize this pattern. It is a good thing to keep your community positive. Maybe they just wanted to send a signal that I shouldn’t be so negative. Luckily other people have since piled on and written similar reviews about this poor stove.

This story is about some guy who has gone to court because he’s upset about the ratings people are giving his apartment complex If the guy that ran this place was more clueful he’d have gone to the web site’s community leaders and urged them to work harder to keep the tone positive.

Cause you know – negativity – it just turns people off! No money in that.

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