This could be big!


The user gives commands by pointing the cursor at graphic symbols on the screen, such as a paint brush and an eraser to enable the user to draw a picture, or a trash can to destroy a document.

Because the machine now has one drive and 128K of RAM, several sources said users might have to “swap” diskettes in order to move information from one program to another.

The user also will be able to divide the screen into a variety of compartments, or “windows,” that each can be used to perform different jobs. For example, the user could be writing a letter on one part of the screen, then create a window and begin another.

Within the next few months, Microsoft Inc., a Bellvue, Wash. software publisher closely allied with IBM, is scheduled to introduce a spreadsheet package for making financial projections, a graphing package and the Basic programming language.

    — San Jose Mercury News

Each Apple dealer got three. They all sold out immediately. I got mine at a boating electronics store. The boot blocks were layed out on the disk so that it played a little tune as it booted. The audio was stored in gaps in the display’s RAM. Microsoft never did ship that Basic implementation, but they did force Apple not to ship the one they had ready to go at launch. The 128K!

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