Collective action

Ah, collective action you do amuse.

A club in Norway whose members pay a monthly fee and take an oath to always avoid paying their train fares.  If they get caught the club steps up to play the fine.  A bit of questionable ethics, a touch of rebellion, a straightforward monetary benefit – all good for group cohesion.   Jerks.

Group always has an insurance component, and sometimes it is as explicit as it is in this case.

The article quotes the transit authority saying that they could build the Berlin Wall and the wouldn’t eliminate the problem.   Personally I’d prescribe public shaming and moral outrage in this case v.s. increased security.

This all reminds me of the alibi club I read about a long time ago.  Cheating men banded together to step up if wifes and girlfriends demanded proof for what ever lie they told about last night’s activities.   I’ve always thought that an alibi club would make an excellent romantic comedy.

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