Quicklisp new packages, October 2013

Xach has announced the the October 2013 quicklisp release.  Below are short summaries of the new packages.

asdf-package-system 2K -- No license specified?
  No description provided.
  git: git://common-lisp.net/projects/asdf/asdf-package-system.git

ayah-captcha 4K -- MIT
  A simple interface to the API of the play-thru captcha of areYouAHuman.com
  author: Andy Peterson
  git: https://github.com/aarvid/ayah-captcha.git
  more: https://github.com/aarvid/ayah-captcha#readme

cl-binaural 4K -- GPL
  Utilities to generate binaural sound from mono
  author: Alexander Popolitov
  git: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-binaural.git
  more: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-binaural#readme

fgraph 6K -- EUPL V1.1
  No description provided.
  author: Thomas Bartscher
  mercurial: https://bitbucket.org/thomas_bartscher/cl-fgraph
  more: https://bitbucket.org/thomas_bartscher/cl-fgraph

cl-larval 20K -- GPL
  Lisp syntax for assembler for AVR microcontrollers
  author: Alexander Popolitov
  git: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-larval.git
  more: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-larval#readme

cl-ply 10K -- LLGPL
  A library to handle PLY file format which is known as the Polygon File Format or the Stanford Triangle Format in Common Lisp.
  author: Masayuki Takagi
  git: https://github.com/takagi/cl-ply.git
  more: https://github.com/takagi/cl-ply#readme

cl-server-manager 5K -- MIT
  Manage port-based servers (e.g., Swank and Hunchentoot) through a unified interface.
  author: Wei Peng
  git: https://github.com/pw4ever/cl-server-manager.git
  more: https://github.com/pw4ever/cl-server-manager#readme

cl-spark 10K -- MIT License
  Generates sparkline string for a list of the numbers.
  author: Takaya OCHIAI
  git: https://github.com/tkych/cl-spark.git
  more: https://github.com/tkych/cl-spark#readme

curry-compose-reader-macros 2K -- GPL V3
  reader macros for concise function partial application and composition
  author: Eric Schulte
  git: https://github.com/eschulte/curry-compose-reader-macros.git
  more: https://github.com/eschulte/curry-compose-reader-macros#readme

drakma-async 26K -- MIT
  An asynchronous port of the Drakma HTTP client.
  author: Andrew Danger Lyon
  git: https://github.com/orthecreedence/drakma-async.git
  more: https://github.com/orthecreedence/drakma-async#readme

draw-cons-tree 2K -- Public Domain
  Makes and ascii picture of a cons tree
  author: Ported by:CBaggers - Original Author:Nils M Holm
  git: https://github.com/cbaggers/draw-cons-tree.git
  more: https://github.com/cbaggers/draw-cons-tree#readme

filtered-functions 5K 
  An extension of generic function invocation that add a preprocessing step before the usual dispatch.
  No description provided.
  author: Pascal Costanza
  darcs: http://common-lisp.net/project/closer/repos/filtered-functions/
  more: http://common-lisp.net/project/closer/filtered.html

graph 37K -- GPL V3
  Simple library for building and manipulating graphs.
  author: Eric Schulte, Thomas Dye
  git: https://github.com/eschulte/graph.git
  more: https://github.com/eschulte/graph#readme

lisphys 19K -- Specify license here
  Describe lisphys here
  author: Guillaume
  git: https://github.com/kayhman/lisphys.git
  more: https://github.com/kayhman/lisphys#readme

mailbox 2K -- MIT
  Simple multithreading mailboxes.
  author: Lucien Pullen
  git: https://github.com/drurowin/mailbox.git
  more: https://github.com/drurowin/mailbox#readme

map-set 2K -- BSD 3-clause (See LICENSE)
  Set-like data structure.
  author: Robert Smith
  mercurial: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/map-set
  more: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/map-set

cl-oneliner 3K -- wtfpl
  Given a piece of text, summarize it with a one-liner
  author: mck-
  git: https://github.com/mck-/oneliner.git
  more: https://github.com/mck-/oneliner#readme

pooler 4K -- MIT
  A generic pooler library.
  author: Abhijit Rao
  git: https://github.com/quasi/pooler.git
  more: https://github.com/quasi/pooler#readme

readable 443K -- MIT
  'Readable' extensions to Lisp s-expresions: curly-infix, neoteric, and sweet expressions
  author: David A. Wheeler
  git: git://git.code.sf.net/p/readable/code
  more:  http://readable.sourceforge.net/

simple-currency 13K -- BSD, 2 clause.
  Currency conversions using data published daily by the European Central Bank.
  author: Peter Wood
  git: https://github.com/a0-prw/simple-currency.git
  more: https://github.com/a0-prw/simple-currency#readme

smackjack 17K -- MIT
  A small Ajax framework for hunchentoot using parenscript
  author: Andy Peterson
  git: https://github.com/aarvid/SmackJack
  more: https://github.com/aarvid/SmackJack#readme

snappy 7K -- New BSD license.  See the copyright messages in individual files.
  An implementation of Google's Snappy compression algorithm.
  author: Robert Brown
  git: https://github.com/brown/snappy.git
  more: https://github.com/brown/snappy#readme

spellcheck 2,376K -- MIT
  Peter Norvig's spell corrector.
  author: Mikael Jansson
  git: https://github.com/RobBlackwell/spellcheck.git
  more: https://github.com/RobBlackwell/spellcheck#readme

tagger 1,107K -- No license specified?
  No description provided.
  git: https://github.com/g000001/tagger.git
  more: https://github.com/g000001/tagger#readme

As usual many older packages were revised.

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  1. bhyde Post author

    Thanks Andy –

    Sorry for the delay, I didn’t notice your comment awaiting moderation.

    Your fix and suggestion have been added.

    – ben

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