Quicklisp new packages, June 2013

Summary of the new packages in the new release of Quicklisp.

big-string -- BSD 3-clause (see LICENSE)
  Big strings, similar to Java's StringBuilder.
  author: Robert Smith
  mercurial: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/big-string
  more: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/big-string

cl-css -- MIT-style
  Simple inline CSS generator
  author: Leo Zovic
  git: git://github.com/Inaimathi/cl-css.git
  more: https://github.com/Inaimathi/cl-css#readme

cl-curlex -- GPL
  Leak *LEXENV* variable from compilation into runtime
  git: git://github.com/mabragor/cl-curlex.git
  more: https://github.com/mabragor/cl-curlex#readme

enchant -- Public Domain
  Bindings for Enchant spell-checker library

cl-geoip -- WTFPL 2.0
  Wrapper around libGeoIP
  git: git://github.com/dasuxullebt/cl-geoip.git
  more: https://github.com/dasuxullebt/cl-geoip#readme

cl-performance-tuning-helper -- MIT
  A simple performance tuning helper tool box for Common Lisp
  author: SUZUKI Shingo
  git: git://github.com/ichimal/cl-performance-tuning-helper.git
  more: https://github.com/ichimal/cl-performance-tuning-helper#readme

tcod -- No license specified?
  Common Lisp bindings for libtcod, a truecolour terminal-emulation
  library written in C.

cl-template -- MIT
  A simple output-agnostic templating system for Common Lisp.
  git: git://github.com/alpha123/cl-template.git
  more: https://github.com/alpha123/cl-template#readme

clache -- LLGPL
  A general caching facility for Common Lisp with an API is similar
  to a hash-table.
  author: Tomohiro Matsuyama
  git: git://github.com/html/clache.git
  more: https://github.com/html/clache#readme

clinch -- BSD
  Simple 3d graphics engine for Lisp.
  author: Brad Beer (WarWeasle)
  git: git://github.com/BradWBeer/CLinch.git
  more: https://github.com/BradWBeer/CLinch#readme

clite -- ISC
  Lite weight testing framework
  git: git://github.com/lispy-stuff/clite.git
  more: https://github.com/lispy-stuff/clite#readme

clobber -- No license specified?
  A alternate approach to persistance based on transaction logging.
  git: git://github.com/robert-strandh/Clobber.git
  more: https://github.com/robert-strandh/Clobber#readme

delorean -- No license specified?
  Delorean is a time machine for unit tests
  author: Andy Chambers
  git: git://github.com/cddr/delorean.git
  more: https://github.com/cddr/delorean#readme

generators -- BSD
  A common lisp package providing python style generators based
  on delimited continuations
  git: git://github.com/AccelerationNet/generators.git
  more: https://github.com/AccelerationNet/generators#readme

gettext -- GNU Lesser General Public Licence 3.0
  A port of gettext runtime to Common Lisp
  git: git://github.com/copyleft/gettext.git
  more: https://github.com/copyleft/gettext#readme

inner-conditional -- LLGPL
  Series of macros which optimizes out the inner conditional jumping
  author: Masataro Asai
  git: git://github.com/guicho271828/inner-conditional.git
  more: https://github.com/guicho271828/inner-conditional#readme

lowlight -- MIT
  A simple and flexible syntax highlighter
  git: git://github.com/chfin/lowlight.git
  more: https://github.com/chfin/lowlight#readme

new-op -- No license specified?
  Provides (new <type>) -> new instance of type, and more.
  git: git://common-lisp.net/projects/new-op/new-op.git
  more: http://common-lisp.net/project/new-op

petit.package-utils -- MIT
  petit tool box for packaging
  author: SUZUKI Shingo
  git: git://github.com/ichimal/petit.package-utils.git
  more: https://github.com/ichimal/petit.package-utils#readme

policy-cond -- Public Domain
  A macro to insert code based on compiler policy.
  author: Robert Smith
  mercurial: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/policy-cond
  more: https://bitbucket.org/tarballs_are_good/policy-cond

pretty-function -- No license specified?
  Scheme to enable nicer printing of closures and other pure functions.
  git: git://github.com/nallen05/pretty-function.git
  more: https://github.com/nallen05/pretty-function#readme

rectangle-packing -- LLGPL (but he's flexible, so ask)
  Code to pack rectangles into a bigger rectangle.  Useful for
  texture packing for OpenGL.
  git: git://github.com/woudshoo/rectangle-packing.git
  more: https://github.com/woudshoo/rectangle-packing#readme

stmx -- LLGPL
  Composable Software Transactional Memory
  author: Massimiliano Ghilardi
  git: git://github.com/cosmos72/stmx.git

track-best -- Free
  Macros/functions for tracking the best items.
  git: http://git.nklein.com/lisp/libs/track-best.git/

treedb -- MIT
  A hierarchical key-value-database
  git: git://github.com/chfin/treedb.git
  more: https://github.com/chfin/treedb#readme

utilities.print-items -- LLGPLv3; see COPYING file for details.
  This system provides some generic condition classes in
  conjunction with support functions and macros.
  git: git://github.com/scymtym/utilities.print-items.git
  more: https://github.com/scymtym/utilities.print-items#readme

weblocks-stores -- LLGPL
  A base for weblocks stores
  author: Olexiy Zamkoviy
  git: git://github.com/html/weblocks-stores.git
  more: https://github.com/html/weblocks-stores#readme

weblocks-utils -- Public Domain
  Utils for weblocks framework
  author: Olexiy Zamkoviy
  git: git://github.com/html/weblocks-utils.git
  more: https://github.com/html/weblocks-utils#readme

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  1. Marco Antoniotti

    NEW-OP is released under a BSD license. See the COPYING file and the note in the documentation.


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