What’s new in Quicklisp

A new Quicklisp release is out.  “New projects: cl-arff-parser, cl-bayesnet, cl-libpuzzle, cl-one-time-passwords, cl-rrt, cl-secure-read, function-cache, gendl, sha3, trivial-raw-io, yaclanapht. … Updated projects…”

I spent a few minutes looking at the new ones, so here’s a bit more info…

cl-arff-parserhttps://github.com/pieterw/cl-arff-parser#readme (BSD?)  Reader for ARFF (Attribute-Relation File Format) file, an ASCII file that describes a list of instances sharing a set of attributes.

cl-bayesnethttps://github.com/lhope/cl-bayesnet#readme (LLGPL)
a tool for the compilation and probability calculation of discrete, probabilistic Bayesian Networks.

cl-libpuzzlehttps://github.com/pocket7878/cl-libpuzzle#readme (LLGPL)
A foriegn function bridge to libpuzzle, a library for finding similar pictures
see also: http://linux.die.net/man/3/libpuzzle

cl-one-time-passwordshttps://github.com/bhyde/cl-one-time-passwords#readme (apache2)
implementation of the HOTP and TOTP standard as used in google authenticator and others for 2-factor authentication.

cl-rrthttps://github.com/guicho271828/cl-rrt#readme (LLGPL)
a … multidimentional path-plannning algorithm… use[d] in robotics … car drivings …

cl-secure-readhttps://github.com/mabragor/cl-secure-read#readme (GPLv3)
Based on the “Let of Lambda” secure reader.

function-cachehttps://github.com/AccelerationNet/function-cache#readme (BSD)
an expanded form of memoization

gendlhttps://github.com/genworks/gendl#readme (AGPL)
A big Generative Programming and Knowledge Based Engineering framework. Previously known as genworks-gdl.

sha3https://github.com/pmai/sha3#readme (MIT/X11)
Implementation of the Secure Hash Algorithm 3 (SHA-3), also known as Keccak

trivial-raw-io – https://github.com/redline6561/trivial-raw-io#readme (BSD)
… export three simple symbols: with-raw-io, read-char, and read-line

yaclanaphthttps://github.com/mabragor/anaphora#readme (GPL3)
Improvement/fork of Nicodemus Siivola’s ANAPHORA, with license change.

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