“prescription” swim goggles

This is a product testimonial :).  Unemployment has given me the time to start swimming again.   I goto the Y.  I bought my self some new googles.

I’ve long coveted a pair of prescription swim goggles.  Even though I am a huge fan of buying my glasses over the Internet swim goggles have been very expensive.  Well, times have changed.

You can find sellers on Amazon who will sell you a pair for 25$ up (plus shipping).  And I bought my pair on eBay from china for less than $10 (total).   These offers aren’t exact prescription; you round your prescription to the # that the vendor offers and buy those.  The ones on eBay required that both eyes are reasonably similar; but there are some vendors on Amazon that will let you order different #’s for each eye.

I’m extremely happy with mine.  It’s nice not to be blind.  Today I discovered that there are very thought provoking chips in the tiles at the bottom of the deep end in the pool.  Sometimes, when swimming laps I switch lanes, moving into an empty lane.  It will be nice knowing that the lane is actually empty.

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