The success of self deluded lying men

Boffins are spreading the news that throwing like a girl might just be optimal if at the time you happen to be carrying a child on your hip.  I think a lot of sports would be improved if we required the players to carry a child! (see article in the Washington Post, or if you want the story with a healthy dose of Evolutionary psychology snark the Jezzabel version).

Meanwhile boffins have long known that, generally speaking, people have an inflated view of their past achievements, and further that men’s delusions are about twice the size of women’s.  So, if your in the mood, you can forgive the lying bastards since they know not what they do.  Speaking of mood the  optimistic, manic, cheerful folks are more delusional; while the  melancholic  are less so.

In another study Boffins looked into the possible benefits of making inflated claims about your past performance – i.e. bragging, lying, or shall we say marketing our personal brand.  Turns out it’s quite beneficial, if you want to be in charge. Groups are more likely to promote the braggarts, and particularly if cash rewards are involved. (see pdf, or this article is briefer).

He’s not lying, it’s just honest overconfidence.  I prescribe a child on the hip.

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