Selling handmade tires and cigarettes

The distribution of wealth creates a curious dynamic, a few producers garner all the profits but often a long tail of small producers continues to exist.  Denialists like to jump up and down and point as this long tail of marginal small producers.  An interesting example of this is the craft beer movement.  In this  interesting essay the author states that the entire craft brewing industry accounts for only 4% of beer sales.  So the brewery industry is extremely concentrated, with 96% of the sales in going to only ten producers, and 92% to the top five.

But here is an amusing thought.  This chart taken from that essay.  It shows (on the right) the industries with the highest concentration.

So.  Could eBay, etsy, Amazon, etc.  target these industries – where presumably there are monopoly profits to be captured?    Home vulcanization!

FYI – The best essay ever written on the topic of craft breweries is Daniel Davis’ “The  Christmas Sermon“.

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