Migration Assistant Leopard -> Lion

Just an FYI, since apparently the Internet doesn’t know this yet.

You currently can not use Migration Assistant to export your setup from Mac OS X 10.5.8 (Leopard) to OS X Lion (10.8),  as soon as the assistant on Lion makes contact with the one on Leopard it announces that “You need to update Migration Assistant on you other Mac.”    Meanwhile, back on Leopard, software update confidently reports that no updates are available.

Apple phone support finally reported that the Leopard update to Migration Assistant is TBD, and they are snail mailing me a Snow Leopard upgrade.

2 thoughts on “Migration Assistant Leopard -> Lion

  1. Jawad

    Thanks for your post. This is exactly the problem I’m having, with the added disadvantage of being overseas, so can’t easily call them. a) Are they giving you Snow Leopard for free? b) Have you installed and run it since, i.e., did it work? Other recommendations?

  2. bhyde Post author

    Jawad – Yes the call took about 15-20 minutes as the support guy put me on hold twice chatted with his peers. Finally he offered to send the snow leopard disk. It took four business days for it to appear in my mail. I have upgraded and the migration went perfectly from there on in.

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