Emeritus at Apache

Long time coming, but I am finally converting my membership in the Apache Software Foundation to Emeritus.

The last straw was the foundations inability to form an effective and muscular response to the frog boiling taking place in the Java community down stream from Oracle’s acquisition of Sun. Which is perverse, since I don’t have a dog in that fight. And while I have a half a dozen issues with how the foundation has evolved over the last decade none, including the above, are actually particularly serious.

So I am not stepping back as a matter of principle. Sure my principles and concerns enter into it, but even if you sum them up and multiple by a small integer they do not amount to a much.

And certainly they are nothing compared to how much I admire, and how proud I am of what we have built.

My interests have shifted.

Oh, and a heads up for Planet Apache blog readers; I will remove this blog from that aggregated feed shortly.

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