Customer Service Department

Today’s mail brings a two page letter of fine print. The letter was mailed from Wilmington Delaware and has a PO Box and zip code for it’s return address. This letter is obviously about a change in the terms and conditions of some credit card. But no place on the letter does it indicate what credit card. The bank it is goes entirely unmentioned. The letter has a header, it looks a bit like a email. It informs me that it’s from “Customer Service Department” and that it’s subject is “Account Information.”

No wait! It also has the an account number, humm. Yes it’s a credit card number, in fact the entire number. Mystery solved, it’s Bank of America. Don’t we love the Bank of America? Hm, I wonder if any of my neighbors got this letter?

Which reminds me, why am I unaware of a service I can subscribe to that will send me diffs of the changes to various terms and conditions. Since, I certainly can’t find what changed in this letter.

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