Well that job certainly had excessive cellulite!

I have it from a very good authority – my wife, experienced connoisseur of advise columns – that items like the following are a perennial favorite:

“I hear the same kind of complaints coming from single men. ‘There are no good women out there.’ … if your idea of the perfect wife is a 19 year old compliant Czech super model with pencil thin, cellulite-free thighs and DD-cup bustline whose fondest ambition is … then perhaps it is your attitude that needs a bit of adjustment … There are plenty of decent women out there.”

I’m hopelessly amused at the metaphor: job ~ fashion model.  But, I have my standards and I will not accept a job with excessive cellulite.  Ok, having seen the scale of my pending tax bill, maybe I will.


If you don’t already know that I am looking for a job, you do now.  Suggestions are most welcome!

Adding to the excitement is that my kids are all out of high school now and Mimi and I would be open to any number of scenarios, even if packing up this house might kill us.

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