9 thoughts on “Teach me some geography

  1. Cimballi

    I left France for Peru last year, switching from “rabbit in a box” to “freelance at home”, living in Cajamarca, “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cajamarca”. Not thinking to go back in a big town soon…

  2. luis

    I voted for New York; after three years, I firmly believe in the ‘live there, but leave before it makes you hard’ motto. That said, if you did Asia or Europe, I’d get jealous- I looked for some opportunities there in my own current quest but in my current context they are hard to come by.

  3. bhyde Post author

    The current results have Europe in the lead, followed by Boston, San Francisco/Asia, New York, Chicago. Nobody’s voted for San Jose, so now I know Burt Bacharach doesn’t read my blog.

  4. Mike Gratton

    What about Australia? Sydney is good if you like it warm and want money, Melbourne good if you like the cold and want culture, Adelaide good if you like wine and a more relaxed pace.

  5. bhyde Post author

    That could be fun. But, of course this is terribly dependent on hooking up with that sweet young super model, ah business model.

  6. dbt

    San Jose ain’t bad, but it’s not a city, it’s a medium sized town with a ton of sprawl around it. Granted, with a lot of cool old stuff once you get inside the sprawl.

  7. bhyde Post author

    Dave (dbt); There are two things I like in San Jose; the old Japanese village and the breakfast place/bowling alley near the airport. But isn’t it amazing that it is the 10th largest city in the US! I just doesn’t feel like it for somebody from the older east coast cities.

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