Only $69.95!

What are you worth?  The Bush EPA thinks we are worth $6.9 Million each.    10% less than the Clinton EPA.  No doubt that makes lots of regulations less, ah, necessary.    I want to assure you; I think you are worth a lot more than that.

Meanwhile I gather that boffins think that a 10% rise in fuels prices drops the highway deaths by 1%; or in other terms that 4$ gas will reduce highway deaths by a thousand a month.

Oh boy.  Arithmetic:  12 months a year; 1,000 deaths a month; $6.9 Million/person … or $82.8 Billion a year.  That’s just the deaths of course, no doubt the injuries, loss of capital equipment and other costs mean we can multiply that by a another 3.  With around a 100 million households in the US, and 365 days in the year that’s $6.81 per household per day.  Feel free to spend the savings on gas.

On the other hand some people think these numbers are just numerology.

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