Back in college one of my schemes for impressing the women was to make popovers and more recently I have received (indirectly) a request for instructions. So.


My mother made this recipe for Yorkshire pudding; and in that variation you eat them with roast beef covered in gravy.

They are mind boggling simple. In a hot oven, 400F degrees say (convection is good too), you heat the muffin tin.

For six you mix: 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour, and 2 eggs. So, of course for 12 you double that; or you can also make 12 smaller ones.

Once the oven and tin comes to tempurature you cut table spoons of butter into quarters and place one bit into each tin to melt. Then pour in the thin batter and cook for 30 minutes.

Some recommendations that I follow but don’t actually put much faith in. When they come out, poke a holeĀ  in the top of each one with a knife so they can crisp up a bit. Have all the ingredients warm before you start, i put the cold eggs into a bowl of warm water and microwave the milk a bit. Don’t obsess about how well mixed the batter is. Let the batter sit for a bit before you use it, but not more than an hour.

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