Good olde unix tool – at

I can’t believe I’ve never thought of this, Ask writes:

… used the at daemon to automatically recover ... as root enter:

at "now + 5 minutes"
service iptables stop

You can type a whole list of commands and when you're done, press ctrl-d to stop.

It will look something like:

# at "now + 5 minutes"
service iptables stop
job 6 at Tue Sep 18 17:53:03 2007

I'm particularly surprised I'd not thought of that since  I often use at for watch dog timers, in Rube Goldberg devices that automate workflows, and before I got my Treo I'd do this all the time:

$ at 18:32
mail -s "put money in parking meter!" < /dev/null
job 8 at Tue Sep 18 18:32:00 2007

I used to use it for lots of such pests. send messages like "back out esting patch," "discard experimental foo install,"  "submit rebates,"  "check check cleared," but I do such things with my Treo now.

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