Arbitration Trap

Oh my this is quite a report!  It’s about those mandatory arbitration clauses which have become so popular in various terms and conditions.  This is a perfect example of how difference between left and right is how benefits from societies institutions; small economic entities v.s. large.  Unsurprisingly the arbitration system favors the large.

The report is one outrage after another, so it is difficult to pick one thing to highlight.  For example one of the arbitration companies had a press release saying 55% of the cases are settled for the consumer, neglecting to mention that they selected only those cases filed by consumers (a few hundred); a vanishingly small slice of the cases (tens of thousands) that move through the system.  Contrast that statistic to one arbitrator they look at closely, 96% of the cases he handled were settled for the credit card company.  On a few days they mention he handled half a million dollars worth of cases a day.  Later Schwarzenegger made this guy a judge.

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