Years ago I was on the periphery of a massive standardization effort and very very late in the process a feature in the spec was found to be, well, unimplementable.  So under the guise of a “grammar fix” the spec was revised to change a “will” to a “will not.”

That story is filed in my head with along with the trick used in our state legislature to buy time when the budget is running late.  They send a guy up on a chair to turn back the clock.

But really, this story takes the cake!  Apparently this guy managed to stick a 10 million dollar appropration in for a friend of his, after congress passed the bill but before the president signed it.  During what appears to be the typesetting step.

I don’t recall the typesetting step being clearly specified in the constitution.  Which is odd, since the republic was founded after the invention of movable type.

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