I see that the New York Times found a reporter with sufficent wit to actually track down one of the users who’s searchs are revealed in the AOL search data. It’s a pretty good article.

Meanwhile Ben Laurie is curious about creating an anonymous package delivery system by mimicing the ideas found in Tor. It’s an amusing idea Anonymous Package System, or APS; I’m sure that Fedex is scared! If two of you out there want to give this a try you can forward a package thru me; send me a pgp email and I’ll send you back a token to include in the package (think of it as postage) to provide you “bought” the one unit of forwarding. I’ll can then take pictures of the various artifacts for and do blog posting to report on how it works out.

Today, rather than anonymous physical package delivery, I find my self yearning for Tor like functionality that I can target at particular URLs; because today I’m much more interested in hiding my search data from Google than I was a week ago.

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