Decay, Rust, Terror

Actual gorrilla mask worn by global guerrillas!Why do I keep expecting John Robb to point out that rust is yet another example that validates his global guerrillas model of where the world is headed? What distructive force is further out on the long tail of bad actors? The ultimate in fire power rust coordinates it’s actions thru a swarm based attack. Does not metal’s primary loyality for oxygen illustrate the inevitability of states losing their monopoly on power? Surely corrosion’s vile attack on the Prudhoe Bay pipeline is yet another sign: our economic system is just a long line of fat sitting ducks? And, yet again we see our over muscular military totally unprepared to deal with the real threats we now face in this post super-power globalized economy!

This just in: rust now teaming with sludge!

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  1. Terence

    And has any administration done much to oppose RUST ( rural urban sustainable terrorist ), where I ask you is our RUST Czar ( perhaps investigating Russia.. ) is there a special prosecutor investigating RUST I think not, and the bible speaks not of RUST but denies it.

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