Peak Oil

I’ve been reading The Old for a while now. Recently it’s mostly been about the consequences for the hurricanes on the US oil, gasoline, and natural gas supplies. More generally it’s about the hypothesis that the planet’s oil supplies are on the verge of switching from more available every year to less available every year. This will happen. When it happens the current economic system is going to have to change faster than it’s probably able to. Something to throw on the pile of things to worry about along with global warming, bird flu, the US deficit, terrorism, etc. etc.

Today it was pointed out that the site, which is vibrant little community of smart people, is entirely invisible via Google. I’ve never seen that before. It really is invisible. Weird.

In the world of big-things-to-worry-about conspiracy theories are very popular. The Oil Drum used to be at blogspot, maybe Google’s carrying a grudge?

4 thoughts on “Peak Oil

  1. bhyde

    Thank’s Ian. As of this morning google knows about the site’s homepage; so we can hope the rest will soon follow. They also removed the thread on the site whinging about the problem; so presumably they have resolved the problem.

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