Statistically Improbably Phrases

This new feature at Amazon is very cool!

Here, for example, are the phrases from the ever popular Jane Jacob’s classic:

need for mixed primary uses, need for aged buildings, perpetual slum, public sidewalk life, zoning for diversity, cataclysmic money, cataclysmic use, slum shifting, border vacuums, secondary diversity, high ground coverages, myths about diversity, fashionable pocket, unslumming slums, low ground coverages, credit blacklisting, disorganized complexity, orthodox planning, assimilating children, dwelling densities, primary diversity, incidental play, city diversity, primary mixtures, diversified city

Kieran Heally give a fun example of how it let’s you quickly find the phrases you’ll be needing to pose as a mavin in the field of your choice. Sociology in his case. Without any effort at all you too can be saying things like: “The reality maintenance of cosmopolitan influentials creates dogmatical beliefs that undermine the ascetic conduct vital to avoiding a primitive world view.”

But there’s more! You can click on any given phrase and see all the books that use it. For example:

It’s your handy dandy meme legitimization score card!

And then it’s another example of the network effects around open content. Only the books that revealed their content to Amazon’s “Look Inside” benefit from the fun.

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