Check Your Attorney at the Door

Driving back last night along the turnpike in Connecticut we found bill boards advocating the acquisition of an attorney as the first step in purchasing a house. As I drove a long I got to thinking “That’s silly, why stop at the house?” Why shouldn’t we all have an attorney at our side when engaging in most of life’s transactions. I thought: “I should get myself an attorney before this next toll booth!”

This lead to a conversation with my son about that that saying popular with gun advocates: “A well armed society is a polite society.”

We had heard a eye rolling piece on NPR just a few days before about how the taser advocate are hard at work to see to it that we all carry a tazer with us at all times. They mentioned the polite society meme. 30 years ago the handgun industry tried a similar scam much to their profit in urban America; wasn’t pretty.

I’ve been asking people if they think it would be a good idea to give everybody in their school, office, club a taser – polite is good right? My son’s opinion on this was that his school would rapidly descend into Hobbesian Anarchy.” “It hurts right? … You’d really want to go first then.”

I assume that everybody at Taser International carries a taser around the office, right? One wonders what would happen if you snuck into the office and zapped a few folks from behind and then snuck out.

So then we got to talking about how you might use pricing to temper the speed that society transitions into a state of anarchy. If you made it really expensive to reload then presumably only the rich could afford to slip into a state of anarchy. This only reminded us of how gangs of wealthy young victorian men would terrorize the country side in olde England. It’s a return to traditional values!

Presumably giving everybody their own lawyer would lead to a rapid decent into some hellish modality who’s name I’m not familiar with. Presumably the rich are already testing that out.

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