Where the eye falls

Via Gideon Rosenblatt a cool visual of where user’s eyes fall over google search results. This also answers a question I had. On a pull down menu the sweet spot is the second, not the first, item on the list. I’d wondered if that might be the case on a google search listing. This suggests not; though eye and click aren’t necessarily the same.

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  2. Phillip Harrington

    I noticed that people don’t look at the ads on the right much. It would be interesting to see the same study and resulting graphic from a google search result with the yellow or green bar of sponsored results at the top of the screen. Or wait, is that already in the graphic? It’s hard to tell. It’s not the two rows of sponsored results stacked that’s for sure. Just currious. Neat, though 🙂

  3. bhyde

    Brehten! Thanks, I’m an idiot. I intended to link to the original posting and didn’t notice I’d forgotten till your comment. Thanks again. – ben

    Phillip – Yeah, when I used to work on real sites we’d spend a lot of time adjusting the real estate to serve various masters. I think it was Tufte who said that the front page of a site reflects the politics inside the organization :-)! That line taught me a lot. – ben

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