Oyster Mushroom Harvest

I may have let the Oyster Mushrooms ripen just a bit too much before harvesting them last night. You ought to pick them before they start to turn up along the edges and I notice in this picture they are almost there.

My son said they tasting like a nut with the texture of a mushroom. Really excellent.

The photo is a bit misleading about how much you get. You discard the small and tiny mushrooms (which are aborted) and the stems (which are tough).

Now to see if I can get another bloom out of my bag of wet straw.

Meanwhile I see that here you can buy a kit that enables you to grow three different colors of Oyster mushrooms in 15 roles of toilet paper. Boiling water is involved.

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  1. mathavan

    I am a basically student. I am commercially grown oyster mushroom in coimbatore-3.Your possiple given special tips in mushroom production.

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