Bag of Wet Straw

I got just what I deserved for my birthday; a bag of wet straw.

Bag of wet straw.

My family and I are dutifully keeping it wet. We mist it every few hours. We keep it in a big bag so it doesn’t dry out.

Fungus is blooming out the sides of my bag of wet straw.

Baby Mushrooms

Soon, dinner.

2 thoughts on “Bag of Wet Straw

  1. Action

    Very nice. A bag of wet straw. I’m trying to think why you’d receive such a present… the family decided to start a compost pile in your name, perhaps? Or a shoddy petting zoo, or maybe grow you a new lawn in wintertime. Or – oh! – it’s December, isn’t it? Is the straw for a manger?

    Oh – btw – I’m Action. I stumbled across your blog by accident (looked up “happiness” under google image search and arrived at your man-with-giant-bubble) and was intrigued by your writing. Hope you don’t mind if I lurk around for a bit and browse thru your thots. 🙂

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