Standardizing Social Networks

Standard bar code for a relationshipIf I had a EAN.UCC Company Prefix of my very own (only $750 dollars!) then I could assign all my relationship partners a unique GSRN or Global Service Relationship Number (pdf). This would be very useful when I need to quickly retrieve the details of any given relationship. In some cases I might want to hand out multiple GSRN to the same person, since our relationship is framed in different modalities; friend/coworker, wife/mother/helpmate. I could then mark up all my correspondence so it might be quickly associated with other aspects of the relationship. Membership cards! Better yet jewelry with RFID chips embedded. Then when they drop by the house I could dynamically customize their visit to my home.

Bar codes? Not just for tangible items anymore! Label the intangible. This is going to be big!

4 thoughts on “Standardizing Social Networks

  1. Ben Hyde

    Since GUID’s aren’t fully integrated with the world wide standardized ePC supply chain i can’t. Using them would deny me access to Walmart like efficiencies in the managing of my relationships. It might preclude my even forming a meaning full relationship with a Walmart.

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