php domxml misery


So I could have some fun; I rebuilt my php4 with-dom, (with-zlib, with-iconv), and the tidy extension via pear (with just the right automake, et. al. – of course). I can tidy up stuff I fetch. I can build dom trees and convert them to text. I can parse stuff, I know because the parser complains about malformed inputs.

But there is no sign that it’s returning much that’s useful from this parsing. It’s as if I have some configuration toggle set to “don’t bother to build the dom tree.”

$doc = domxml_open_mem('<?xml version="1.0"?><a><b/></a>');
echo "<hr/><pre>",htmlspecialchars($doc->domdocument_dump_mem),"</pre><hr/>";

That displays two horizontal lines with nothing betwix. The $doc object has assorted slots; no sign of substructure.


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