Since reading about alibi clubs I’ve been subscribed to Textuality.org a blog about text messaging on cell phones. New technology collides with society: sparks fly. The template for these stories seems to be you take a distinct preferable subordinate group and text messaging and out pops a story!

Here some examples:

  • The Unemployed, text them:”Mango picking jobs available. Run!”
  • Truants: “Jr. didn’t show up for school!” I think that one needs the knob turned up. Text all the adults in town: “Bobby, Susan, and Timmy didn’t show up for school! Get ’em.”
  • Old Folks: Workshops how to text message!
  • Innocents Abroad: Watch dog timers! Send a text message that announces you have gone missing if you don’t cancel it’s delivery upon arrival at your destination.
  • Rude People: Cell phone users feel they are more courteous than other cell phone users!
  • Nostolgia: Payphone used to have doors! Isn’t that quant?
  • The Lascivious: News, cell phone owning youths more promiscuous! This is complemented a few days latter by cellular company announcing cell phone owning youths more sociable. Meanwhile some researchers are concerned about cell phone radiation affecting sperm counts while some other researchers are concerned about men losing their confidence if you take their cell phones away from them. Which makes sense since yet other boffins have noticed that men use cell phones like peacocks use their feathers.
  • Call Girls: Pretty much required to have phones! This is news?
  • Hackers: Cell phone viruses!

The fun never stops with new technology!

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