Update! See here.

If you drag this bookmarklet into your bookmark bar: Tasty?

Then when visiting a page you can click on it to see how many people thought it was interesting enough to bookmark at del.icio.us. You can read their comments and category assignments.

That bounces off my server; so I’ll be keeping an eye you you :-).

The cgi redirect script is simple. This script is an earlier draft that runs on the command line and opens a url passed as an argument – well on the mac it does.

  HASH=`echo -n $1 | md5`
  exec open "http://del.icio.us/url/$HASH"

As you can see they just take the MD5 hash of the url. You could avoid the bounce off a 3rd party server by using a bookmarklet along these lines:


But you’d have to inline the entire of hex_md5 and that’s a lot of code!

My redirect server comes with no warranty of any kind. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Tasty!

  1. Ben Hyde

    Thanks’ Phil. It looks like his might be more elegant; and possibly it knows something about exceptional cases. For example he escapes the URL before dispatching it. I don’t know if the hash is on the escaped or on the unescaped version. So, I sent him a note.

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