nroff, pic, and the mac

Maybe all that esoteric stuff I learned back in the 1970s isn’t entirely obsolete!

  box "joe"
  box "joe's" "bank" at last box + (1.2 , 1.2)
  arrow from 1st to last box.sw "banking"
  box "credit" "firm" at last box + (1.2 , -1.2)
  arrow from 2nd to last box.nw "reporting"
  box "mortgage" "company" at last box + (-1.2 , -1.2)
  arrow from 3rd box.sw to last "credit check"
  arrow from 4th box.nw to 1st "rejection"

Then on my Mac I invoke something along these lines:

    groff -e -p -ms > && open


Man is that nostalgic! A manual for pic is here.

Now, where can I get a copy of ‘ideal’? It was a precursor to pic that used constraints and rendered it’s drawing onto the complex number plane.

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