We know where you live.


Ha! What a stunt. Recipe:

  • One mailing list.
  • One geographic information system with satilight images.
  • One one high speed custom printer.
  • One magazine for self absorbed selfish people.
  • 40 thousand subscribers.

Custom magazine covers. Each cover has a photo of the subscribers home on the cover.

Story in the New York Times, requires subscription.

This reminds me of a product that Lotus tried to sell back in the mid 80s. It consisted, at it’s core, of a CD with most of the nation’s population on it; along with estimates of thier salary and other factoids. Such data is widely available and cheap. The outrage kept Lotus from selling the product … widely.

I wish I could, but I certainly don’t, see how you can regulate these kinds of activities. It is so clearly rude; but what to do?

(thanks Brian)

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  1. Annette

    I want to find my grandchildren in the states. This live satilight will help me find them. I have an idea where they are but I need to know for sure and that they are safe and being well looked after.

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