A term paper about term life insurance!

Join the fun! Cascade the meme! Google bomb the ad engine!

Brad DeLong plays telephone.

Virginia Postrel muses about the online ads business:

Dynamist Blog: GOOGLE AD SECRETS: One little mention of a site selling a term paper on my NYC talk and now my Google ads are mostly for fraudulent term papers. I trust that no readers of this fine site are in the market–though if you click on the ads and don’t buy a term paper, perhaps that will teach these people not to advertise, at least on honest websites.

I’m told by a high-level Google exec that the way to get more action from Google ads is to write a lot about term life insurance. That’s because people shopping online for term life insurance really are interested in the subject–they want to shop right now, and they tend to buy insurance when they do. It’s what Steve calls the mattress store principle. Most of the time a mattress store has no customers, but nearly every customer who comes in buys a mattress. The same is generally true of term life insurance and probably of fraudulent term papers.

Now that I’m not going to Saudi Arabia and therefore can actually get term life insurance (insurers don’t like those Saudi risk factors), I do indeed need to buy some term life insurance. Does anyone have a good recommendation for a source of term life insurance? How about you folks at Google ads? Will this post get action? BTW, readers will no doubt notice that I’m now carrying Blogads, which pay much better than Google.

Oh, I should mention. If you live in Massachusetts you just want to go buy “Savings Bank Life Insurance,” end of story.

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