Meme de-jour? Hubbert’s Peak

It appears that Kenneth Deffeyes’ talk at WTF 2004 is finally getting some traction for Hubbert’s Peak.
See: Fast Company or these notes from the talk at Telepocalypse

“Managers hate uncertainty. There’s going to be a lot more of it.”

“It’s not outside the realm of possibility that there will be an international effort to seize the Middle East’s oil fields. But to go back to your industry, the two realms are going to diverge. There’s going to be a big squeeze on hauling molecules while there’s increased capacity to move bits. The EFF folks get a lot of mileage out of the frontier theme. It’s the Wild West. Well, my great grandfather drove cattle on the Chisholm Trail. I’m afraid that my grandson will have to drive cattle on the Chisholm Trail to make a living.”

“Need to get word out that there is a serious problem. I am quite upset.”

The notes on the talk over at telepocalypse are good because they include some of the Q and A. People would ask “What about X” where X was solar, tidal, etc. etc. and his response was again and again. “I’m worried about the next 5 years, that’s 15 years out.”

Read his book., visit a a web site

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