Some bugs are more fun than others.

Having spent the last two days trying various combinations of install mechanisms to set up a freebsd server with all the trimmings I’m extremely jealous of the fun that Mr. Rhodes is having.

(iter (for i in '(1 2 3)) (+ i 50))
  => NIL ; on x86 and sparc
  => ERROR "2 is not a LIST" ; on ppc

… the relevant piece of information here is that since calling FOO only returns seven values, the 8th (or, counting from zero, the 7th) should default to NIL…

…the SPARC instruction set architecture has branch delay slots, such that the instruction following a branch is executed whether the branch is taken or not; the PPC has no such thing….

My problems are more along the lines of of spending a few hours figuring out that my mysql test user didn’t have sufficent permissions to run the test suite.

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