Stuff Addiction


Something that makes me happy is to observe the process by which science proves the patently obvious, and then beats it up with a large club until it gives up just a bit more information so you will leave it alone and go home.

I gather that scientists have discovered that stuff make makes us happy. You will probably not be surprised to hear that lots of people think that new toaster, house, car, job, wife or baby will make us happy. Well you will be greatly comforted to know that – sure enought it does. So all is right with the world… or is it?

Well no. Apparently we are a cheerful lot and we suffer from excessive optomism. It appears that we overestimate just how how long we will be made happy by the stuff we crave. Even Proffessors discover that the tenure doesn’t make them as happy for as long as they had expected. Children discover the christmas toys grow dull before January passes. This makes me sad. What to do?

Buy more stuff!

What we have here folks is an behaviorist loop! Wired into our souls, a striving to get more stuff. It’s an addiction, and we can roll out the usual treatments.

Sin taxes! Packrats anonymous. Get ahold of your selves people, take a look in the mirror. Careful calculation of the net present value before investing – that’s the ticket!

Is all that stuff really making us happy?

Maybe not. It appears that inspite of tremendous increases in wealth over the last 50 years most of the industrialized world is somewhat less happy.

I don’t care! I still want that toaster!

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