Fun boondoggle for the blog. Adding this to the home page,

  <meta name="ICBM" content="42.41528,-71.15694">
    content="Ascription is an Anthema to any Enthusiasm">
  <meta name="geo.position" content="42.41528;-71.15694">

and then doing the right magic at http://geourl.org/ registers the site in their geographic database. Among the fun that enables is that you can find out who the
are. You can even get a RSS feed for them. Not very many sites using this yet; darn.

Of course you should put your own location into that code fragment. Topozone is a good place to figure that out.

Of course none of that is as much fun as Geocaching, or playing with the reverse phone book and the show neighbors feature.

Update. This is becoming quite popular; so the default list of sites is a little long. You can reduce the radius the list includeds by adding a dist=100 argument to those URLs. That will limit the radius to 100 miles rather than the default of 500. The ones above have that change now.

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