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Amazing realtime data showing the flow of water in rivers and streams all over the country.

Malcom Gladwell’s web site has his very delightful articles for the New Yorker. In his latest article you can learn how some people can read people’s emotions from their faces. The article just prior to that is a light but unsurprising look at “The myth of talent.”

John Siracusa has done a heroic job in his series of articles on Mac OS X;
you can reach the entire set by starting from his latest
review of the Jaguar release
. These are arstechnica a very high quality zine of about high technology, all their articles are worth reading. [You can subscribe using to their announcements bboard via this URL:].

I’m surprised I’d not previously come across Bennett Carter’s political cartoons. He won this year’s Pulitzer prize. I particularly like his cartoons that illuminate the reframing at the heart of much PR.

I think this business, creating a diamond from the carbon in a corpse, is morbid.

I bought long distance service for my parents using this site, which shows the real price per minute and includes a number of services with no monthly ‘membership charge’. My house hold pays about 7$/month for long distance.

Mapquest maps are better than Yahoo’s.

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